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Getting Started in a TTB-Regulated Industry

Getting Started in the Distilled Spirits Industry

The steps below represent the main processes for the completion, submission, and approval of an application to initiate operations in the distilled spirits industry. Click each graphic for a more detailed explanation of each step. You may also use the navigation links at left to view Distillery Startup content.

Graphic of the Identification Graphic.

Identify the type of distilled spirits operation you want to start:

The application process begins even before you begin completing the required materials, as you must first decide what type of business/activity you wish you perform. Read more.

  Graphic of the Qualification Graphic.

Complete the APPLICATION process:

After deciding which specific operation you're planning to begin, you must complete the qualification process. This includes sending us forms with all the needed information to consider your application.  We accept all forms along with all other required documentation through an automated process within the Permits Online system, so you can send us your applications electronically. (No need to mail in any paper forms!) Read more.

    Graphic of the Screening Graphic.

Complete the Signing, Submitting & Screening process:

If someone signs the application on your behalf, you need to give signing authority. The application package is submitted to TTB. Upon receipt, TTB will arrange for screening/investigation to confirm that you are legally eligible and qualified to conduct a distilled spirits industry operation. Once this research is completed, you will be authorized to proceed with your business/activity. Read more.











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