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TTB Notice No. 41 Comments


Chief Foster,

I write in support of the TTB permitting alcoholic beverage labels to carry basic "Serving Facts" information. As a consumer, I would find it immensely helpful to have this kind of information literally in my hand (on the container), instead of having to ferret it out from multiple sources (if it is available at all).

As the TTB should know better than anyone, there is a massive proliferation of beverage types these days - beer, flavored beer, wine coolers, flavored wine, "light" spirits, flavored spirits - it is a very confusing collection of products. Current labels offer few clues as to how much alcohol is in a serving. Permitting basic Serving Facts information on labels will help consumers make more responsible decisions about drinking.

Finally, any information permitted on a label ought to be permitted to be advertised as well.


[Brewery/Business/Association Name Here]

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