Form Letter 4

From: [Sender Name}
Sent: [Date Sent}
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Subject: Reference TTB Notice No. 4

Dear Sir or Madam:

As an employee of Miller Brewing Company, I am writing to express my support for the TTB'S proposed rulemaking for flavored malt beverages which preserves the integrity of beer.

I believe the TTB's action is an important clarification that ensures that if a FMB product is to be sold as a malt beverage, it should be made as a malt beverage according to traditional brewing methods and processes.

If your rule is adopted, consumers will still be able to enjoy FMB products and wholesalers and retailers to will continue to be able to distribute, sell and market flavored malt beverages as they do today.

However, absent your new standard, brewers, retailers, and wholesalers will face a potential for a patchwork of individual state laws and regulations where the same product may ultimately be sold as a "beer" in one state and as "hard liquor" in fact, I understand that we are already seeing this kind of situation in the state of Nebraska and will almost certainly see this situation in several other states.

Thank you for this opportunity to offer my support for your proposed FMB rule preserving the unique differences and integrity of beer.

[Sender Name]

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