Meet Our Leadership Team
Executive Staff

  Photo of Mary Ryan
Mary G. Ryan *
Photo of Mary Ryan
Dan Riordan Riordan *
 Deputy Administrator


Assistant Administrators

Photo of Elisabeth Kann
Elisabeth Kann
External Affairs/
Chief of Staff
Photo of Ronald Hancock
Nicholas Colucci
Field Operations
Photo of Dan Riordan
Dan Riordan
Headquarters Operations
Photo of Robert Hughes
Robert J. Hughes
Information Resources/Chief Information Officer
Photo of Cheri Mitchell
Cheri D. Mitchell
Management/Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Gail Davis
Gail Davis*
Permitting and Taxation


Deputy Assistant Administrators 

Photo or Ronald Hancock
Ronald Hancock
Field Operations





Headquarters Operations

Photo of Pamela Sikowitz
Pamela Sikowitz
Permitting and Taxation


Office/Division Directors and Managers

  • Office of the Chief Counsel
  • Office of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion


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