Thurla F. Skora

Graphic of Thurla F. SkoraDirector, National Revenue Center

Thurla F. Skora is the Director of the National Revenue Center (NRC) for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). The NRC is responsible for TTB's tax and application services, including screening applications, issuing permits and approving notices or registrations, reconciling returns, reports, and claims, and providing technical assistance to TTB employees and industry members on TTB-related laws and regulations.

Since its formation in 1996, the NRC's motto has been "Dedicated to Excellence." NRC employees are invested in the mission and goals of TTB and take great pride in their work, their support of each other, and their relationships with others throughout the Bureau and regulated industry.

The primary focus of the NRC is customer service. The NRC has many opportunities to demonstrate this dedication to outstanding service by efficiently processing applications to operate in TTB-regulated industries, aiding industry members in their ongoing operations, and collecting excise and special taxes.


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