ALFD Past Announcements

Artificial Sweeteners in Alcohol Beverage Specialty Products. The Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division of TTB has recently noted an increase in the number of inquiries regarding, and formulation submissions for, alcohol beverage specialty products that contain artificial sweeteners. (06/24/04) Read more.

New TTB Ruling on Caloric and Carbohydrate Representations in Alcohol Beverage Labeling and Advertising. On April 7, 2004, TTB issued TTB Ruling 2004-1, offering guidance to industry members on caloric and carbohydrate statements, such as "low-carb," in the labeling and advertising of wine, distilled spirits and malt beverages. Read TTB Ruling 2004-1. Read the press release

Attention all Industry Members and Representatives:

Recently, we faced several challenges, including losing staff, moving into new office space, and receiving an increased number of label applications. A backlog resulted, and we anticipate a turn-around time of 20-25 days. We apologize for any inconvenience to you and ask that you adjust your submission timeline accordingly. (09/09/03)

Teresa G. McWhirt Selected As Assistant Chief, ALFD (11/07/03)

Contact Information (9/04/03)

TTB Industry Circular 2003-6 - COLAs Online (7/08/03)

Susan B. Weil Selected As Assistant Chief, ALFD (5/29/03)

Letter To CSPI - On Friday, May 23, 2003, TTB Administrator Arthur Libertucci responded to a letter from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). In the letter, CSPI mentioned two Government warning labels found on a popular brand of vodka that they believed failed to meet Federal labeling requirements. In his response, Mr. Libertucci thanked CSPI for alerting TTB to these labels and agreed that technical problems exist on the labels. TTB is taking corrective action. Mr. Libertucci went on to say, "We assure you that TTB will continue to carefully review both applications for label approval as well as products currently in the marketplace to ensure that the Government Warning Statements meet the regulatory requirements." Here are links to CSPI's letter and Mr. Libertucci's response. (5/27/03)

Letters to Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) Holders (6/10/03)

New COLA Rejection Sheet (6/04/03)

TTB Notice No. 9 - Establishment of COLAs Online Electronic Filing System (6/03/03)

Karen Freelove Selected as Chief, ALFD (5/28/03)

TTB Industry Circular 2003-5 - TTB Form 5100.31, Application for and Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) (5/19/03)

PARDON OUR DUST: ALFD Database Transition (4/23/03)

Letter from the Assistant Administrator regarding the new structure and organization of the Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division (1/29/03)

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