Applications to Operate a TTB-Regulated Business

Experimental Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP)

An experimental distilled spirits plant (DSP) may be established for specific and limited periods of time solely for experimentation in or development of industrial spirits or sources of materials used to produce spirits or processes for producing or refining spirits.

Please read the distilled spirits FAQ about experimental DSP permit applications (see FAQ S10 at our Distilled Spirits FAQs page) before engaging in this process.



Information letter


TTB F 5000.8

Power of Attorney

TTB F 5000.9

Personnel Questionnaire

TTB F 5000.29

Environmental Information

TTB F 5000.30

Supplemental Information on Water Quality Considerations

TTB F 5100.1

Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials

Instructions for completion of Form 5110.56

TTB F 5110.56

Distilled Spirits Bond

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