Applications to Operate a TTB-Regulated Business

Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) – Industrial

A distilled spirits plant (DSP) may be established to manufacture articles, or produce, bottle or package, denature or warehouse spirits for industrial use.  These spirits are not intended for beverage use.  Distilled spirits Vinegar Plants fall into this category.



Attention Industrial DSP Applicants


Information letter


Questions & Answers


TTB F 5000.8

Power of Attorney

TTB F 5000.9

Personnel Questionnaire

TTB F 5000.29

Environmental Information

TTB F 5000.30

Supplemental Information on Water Quality Considerations

TTB F 5100.1

Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials

TTB F 5110.25

Application for Operating Permit

Instructions for completion of TTB F 5110.41

TTB F 5110.41

Registration of Distilled Spirits Plant

Instructions for completion of Form 5110.56

TTB F 5110.56

Distilled Spirits Bond

Interest/Stockholders List

Sample format: Reporting stock/share distributions




Application for Employer Identification Number

SS-4 Instructions

Application for Employer Identification Number Instructions

SS4 (Puerto Rico)


SS4 (Puerto Rico) Instructions


Required: Source of Funds & Property Lease Information


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