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Before You Begin Checklist
TTB Form 5120.17


TTB Form 5120.17 is used to report wine operations to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Bonded Wine Premises proprietors are required to report many of the activities that take place on the bonded premises on a regular basis. These activities include reporting the materials brought onto the wine premises, and reporting what happens from there regarding the quantity produced, transferred out in bond, bottled, etc.

Deadlines for Filling

TTB Form 5120.17 is required to be filed on a monthly basis unless the winery is eligible to file either:

  • Annually - The wine premises may be eligible to file annually if it:
    1. Is eligible to file tax returns on an annual basis
    2. Has less than 20,000 gals of wine on hand at all times
  • Quarterly - The wine premises may be able to file quarterly if it :
    1. Is eligible to file a quarterly tax return
    2. Has less than 60,000 gals of wine on hand at all times
    3. Provides written intent to the NRC

See 27 CFR 24.271 for information about filing tax returns on a semi-monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Before You Begin

The following is a list of all the materials and related information you should collect before beginning Form 5120.17.

  EIN number

  Registry/Permit number

  A copy of the completed Form 5120.17 you submitted for the previous reporting period

  Documentation to provide sufficient support for entries

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