In this sample completed TTB Form 5120.17, the company completing the form runs a small winery   The company reports its activities quarterly. 

Leblonz’ s Winery and Vineyard recently moved 22,600 gallons of grape wine from fermentation.  The winery produced 325 gallons of port, and received 600 gallons of wine in bond from another winery. 

In addition, they received 250 tons of grapes during the month and used them all for producing the wine.  200 gallons of apple concentrate was also received for production of hard cider.

Mr. Leblonz, the winemaker, discovered that some of the bottled wine was undergoing secondary fermentation.  25 cases were returned unmerchantable and 95 cases of the same wine never left the winery.  He had to dump the entire 120 cases back to bulk.  He then bottled 1000 cases. As a new venture, LeBlonz also produced 230 gallons of Angelica by blending 115 gallons of dry white wine with 115 gallons of higher alcohol wine.

The winery removed 500 cases of white table wine for sale and 2 cases of 16% red wine.  450 cases of the white wine  and both cases of red wine went to a wholesaler and the other 50 cases were sent to a taxpaid area at the winery.  Their newly decorated tasting room poured 3 cases, and the shipping department exported 50 cases.

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