Calendar quarter Cigar Container
Carbonated Cigarette Contiguous
Carrier Cigarette paper Conveyance
Case Cigarette tube Cooperage
CBW CMBW Cordials, liqueurs
CDA COLA Cover Over
Cereal beverage Collateral bond Curtailment of premises
CFR Concentrate Customs Officer
Champagne Consent of surety Customs Bonded Warehouse (CBW)
Chaptalization (Brix Adjustment) Consignee  
Chewing tobacco Consignor  






Calendar quarter
A three-month period during the year as follows: January 1 through March 31; April 1 through June 30; July 1 through September 30; and October 1 through December 31.

When used with wine, artificially carbonated wine.

Any person, company, corporation, or organization, including a proprietor, owner,
consignor, consignee, or bailee, who transports distilled spirits, denatured spirits,
or wine in any manner for himself or for others.

For wine: Two or more bottles, or one or more containers larger than four liters, enclosed in a box or fastened together by some other method.

See Customs Bonded Warehouse.

Completely denatured alcohol.

Cereal beverage
A beverage, produced either wholly or in part from malt (or a substitute for malt), and either fermented or unfermented, which contains, when ready for consumption, less than one-half of one percent (0.5%) of alcohol by volume.

Code of Federal Regulations.

Semi-generic term for a type of sparkling wine.

Chaptalization (Brix Adjustment)
The addition of sugar or concentrated juice of the same kind of fruit to juice before or during fermentation of wine, to develop alcohol by fermentation.

Chewing tobacco
Any leaf tobacco that is not intended to be smoked.

Any roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in any substance containing tobacco (other than any roll of tobacco which is a cigarette within the meaning of paragraph (2) of the definition for cigarette). See below.

(1) Any roll of tobacco wrapped in paper or in any substance not containing
tobacco, and
(2) Any roll of tobacco wrapped in any substance containing tobacco which, because of its appearance, the type of tobacco used in the filler, or its packaging and labeling, is likely to be offered to, or purchased by, consumers as a cigarette described in paragraph (1) of this definition.

Cigarette paper
Paper, or any other material except tobacco, prepared for use as a cigarette wrapper.

Cigarette tube
Cigarette paper made into a hollow cylinder for use in making cigarettes.

Customs Manufacturing Bonded Warehouse

TTB Form 5100.31, Application for and Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval.

Collateral bond
Cash or securities (Treasury note or Treasury bond) pledged to TTB to cover the tax liability on products in bond.

1. For Beer: Concentrate produced from beer by the removal of water under the provisions of subpart R of part 25. The processes of concentration of beer and reconstitution of beer are considered authorized processes in the production of beer.
2. For Wine: Volatile fruit – flavor concentrate: Any volatile fruit-flavor concentrate (essence) produced by any process which includes evaporations from any fruit mash or juice.

Consent of surety
A document that extends the terms of a bond.

The consignee is the receiver when a manufacturer sends a quantity of goods from one site to the other.

The consignor is the sender when a quantity of goods is sent from one site to the other.

1. For Wine:  Any bottle, barrel, cask, or other closed receptacle, regardless of the size or of the material from which it is made, for the sale of wine at retail.
2. For Distilled Spirits:  A receptacle, vessel, or form of bottle, can, package, tank, or pipeline (where specifically included) used or capable of being used to contain, store, transfer, convey, remove, or withdraw spirits and denatured spirits.

Touching, near, or bordering.

A method of transportation; a vehicle.


Cordials, liqueurs
Products obtained by mixing or redistilling distilled spirits with, or over, fruits, flowers, plants, or their pure juices, or other natural flavoring materials, or with extracts derived from infusions, percolation, or maceration of such materials, and containing sugar, dextrose, or levulose, or a combination thereof, in an amount not less than two and one-half percent (2.5%) by weight of the finished product.

Cover Over
Monies collected on rum imports that are returned to the treasuries of Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

Curtailment of premises
Realignment of the boundaries of the bonded premises, to place some of the property off bond.

Customs Officer
Any officer of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service or any commissioned, warrant, or petty officer of the Coast Guard, or any agent or other person authorized by law or designated by the Secretary of the Treasury to perform any duties of an officer of the Customs Service.

Customs Bonded Warehouse (CBW)
A warehouse established under the provisions of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service regulations.