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Gallon - wine gallon
A United States gallon of liquid measure equivalent to the volume of 231 cubic inches at 60º F.

The determination of the proof and quantity of spirits.

General Use Formulas
Standardized formulas given in the regulations for the production of specific articles.

For wine:  Name of a type of wine that originated in a particular place, but is no longer associated with that place of origin, e.g., Vermouth.

A product obtained by original distillation from mash or by the redistillation of distilled spirits or by mixing neutral spirits with, or over, juniper berries and other aromatics, or with, or over, extracts from infusions, percolations, or maceration of materials. It is bottled at not less than 80% proof.

An acronym for “generally recognized as safe.'' The term means that the treating material has a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listing in 21 CFR part 182 or part 184, or is considered to be generally recognized as safe by the FDA.