Nano brewery Nonbeverage alcohol Non-generic
Natural wine Nonbeverage wine Nonindustrial use
Neutral spirits Non-contiguous Notice







Nano brewery:
A very small brewery operation

Natural wine
The product of the juice or must of sound, ripe grapes or other sound, ripe fruit, made with such cellar treatment as may be authorized under 26 U.S.C. 5382.

Neutral spirits
Distilled spirits produced from any material at or above 190? proof. If they are bottled, they are bottled at not less than 80? proof.

Nonbeverage alcohol
Alcohol that is unfit for use for beverage purposes.

Nonbeverage wine
Wine, or wine products made from wine, rendered unfit for beverage use in accordance with 27 CFR 24.215.

Not adjacent or touching.

Name of a type of wine that originated in a particular place, and is still exclusively associated with that place (e.g., Bordeaux).

Nonindustrial use
As applied to spirits, shall have the meaning ascribed in 27 CFR Part 1.60.

1. Reports of changes to the premises or permits of industry members filed by the industry member.
2. A brewer's qualification document.
3. A step in collecting taxes.