By Mail

It is still possible to file paper applications and submit them by mail to TTB.  However, filing electronically generally will help in submitting a complete application to ensure timely processing.  In addition, filing through Permits Online will allow you to obtain the status and updates of your application at any time.  Any approved documents will be available electronically through Permits Online. 

Whether filing on paper or electronically, during the application process you must send us all the required information so that TTB can consider your application.  Filing electronically replaces the need to complete most paper forms, but you may need to scan in other required documents and submit them through the Permits Online system, possibly including -

Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials - TTB F 5100. 1 (see Note)

Note:  If someone signs the paper application or electronically submits the application on the applicant’s behalf, that person must be granted signing authority by a corporate resolution or through the use of TTB F 5000.8 or TTB F 5100.1.  

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