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MNBP Industry Circulars

Industry Circulars are issued when TTB wishes to disseminate up-to-date information concerning the industry.

  • 1987-3 Change in Place of Filing Alcohol, Tobacco, and Certain Firearms Tax Returns, Claims and Related Documents
  • 1984-1 Late Filed Excise Tax Returns
  • 1979-5 Recordkeeping Requirements for Nonbeverage Domestic Drawback Claimants
  • 1973-6 Withdrawal of Permission to Use Color Additive — F. D. & C. Violet No. 1
  • 1972-4 Implementation of National Environmental Policy Act
  • 1972-8 Revocation of Authorized Use of Glycine
  • 1970-12 Use of Brominated Vegetable Oils
  • 1970-18 Establishment of Standard Export Drawback Rates
  • 1970-25 Establishment of Standard Export Drawback Rates
  • 1965-4 Withdrawal Of Permission To Use Color Additive — FD&C Red No. 4
  • 1965-8 Use of Color Additive — FD&C Red No. 4
  • 1962-33 Need for Review of Approved Formulas Covering Distilled Spirits Products
  • 1961-2 Use of Safrole, Oil of Sassafras, Dihydrosafrole, and Iso-safrole





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