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Industry Circular

Number: 56-32
Date: August 28, 1956

Internal Revenue Service
Washington 25, D.C.


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Use of Coumarin and Tonka Beans in the Production of Special Natural Wines

Proprietors of bonded wine cellars, and others concerned:

1. It has come to the attention of this office that the Food and Drug Administration of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare has declared that food products in which coumarin and tonka beans are used as ingredients will be regarded as being adulterated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as these ingredients are held to be toxic. In view thereof, formulas filed by proprietors of bonded wine cellars for special natural wines calling for the use of coumarin and tonka beans will not be approved.

2. If coumarin and tonka beans are being used by proprietors of bonded wine cellars in the production of special natural wines under formula approved pursuant to the provisions of 26 CFR Part 240 and prior wine regulations, the use thereof should be discontinued and these ingredients should be eliminated from the formula. The elimination of these ingredients from the formula may be shown by the filing of a rider to the formula, in quadruplicate, with the assistant regional commissioner (alcohol and tobacco tax) showing the formula number and date of approval, which will be forwarded to the National Office for processing.

3. Where new materials are substituted for coumarin and tonka beans in the production of special natural wine, such materials may also be shown by filing a rider or a revised formula. New samples of the finished product will not be necessary unless requested by the National Office.

Harold A. Serr Acting
Director, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division


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