TTB Publishes Final Rule to Ease Regulatory Burden on Industry Members

Posted 03/27/2014

Laws and Regulations

On March 27, 2014, TTB published T.D. TTB-119 to amend its regulations in 27 CFR part 73 to provide for the submission of electronic copies of certain forms when the original is to be retained by the submitter.  This amendment will allow industry members to apply for permits completely by electronic means.  This final rule also amends the part 73 regulations to provide that a TTB-required submission of information to another agency may be met by electronic means, as long as the other agency provides for electronic submissions.

In addition, this final rule amends the TTB regulations in 27 CFR part 19 to remove the burdensome requirement that distilled spirits plant proprietors keep daily summary records of the kind of distilled spirits bottled or packaged.  Finally, this final rule aligns the TTB regulations in 27 CFR parts 26 and 27 regarding the closures that must be affixed to containers of imported distilled spirits and those brought into the United States from Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands with the regulations applicable to domestic distilled spirits products.

You may view T.D. TTB-119 within Docket No. TTB-2014-0004 at

Read the related press release.

UPDATE:  On September 3, 2014, TTB published technical corrections for T.D. TTB-119; see T.D. TTB-119A for details.

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