TTB's Permits Online Application Process: A Truly Electronic System Start to Finish

Posted 04/17/2014

White House

TTB has made changes to its regulations and its Permits Online program to make applying for Federal approval a completely electronic process.

We are pleased to announce starting April 28, 2014, those applying for Federal authorization to start a business in the alcohol, tobacco, or firearms and ammunition industry will no longer be required to submit original documentation for bond forms and power of attorney forms. TTB will accept these forms, along with all other required documentation, through an electronic process within the Permits Online system.

Previously, applicants were required to submit paper copies of these forms, which could prolong the application approval process. With these changes, applications can be submitted electronically, eliminating the need to mail in paper forms.

We strongly encourage industry members to use all of TTB's electronic filing options. We continue to explore ways to administer our programs in a way that both maximizes our ability to accomplish our mission and facilitate a thriving, lawful industry.


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