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Posted 08/27/2015

TTB Stats

Statistics can be a driving force that can change minds or a lifestyle, provide information about the success (or failure) of a business, or help to build and shape a business.

Do you find yourself relying on statistical information as part of your business practices? Or are you just curious to know some interesting facts?

Below are links to a few interesting TTB statistics and reports.

Popular TTB Statistics

Production and Operations Reports
We publish statistical reports on industry-wide alcohol and tobacco production and operations.  Our top three data reports are:

Processing Times

We realize that our application processing times are a vital part of your business planning and operations.  Our processing time information lets you know how quickly we are currently processing your application type.  See the average time for processing these application types: 

Tax Reports

What’s the bottom line?  We also publish quarterly and annual statistical reports on taxes collected for TTB-regulated products. See the tax collections data by year.

See more TTB Statistics and Data including tax rates for alcohol beverages, tobacco products, firearms, and ammunition, as well as analysis tools such as our formula approval tool and conversion charts.

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