TTB Works to Meet the Increase in Breweries and Craft Brewers

Posted 01/03/2014

Craft BeerAt the end of 2012, there were over 3,300 active brewer's notices on file with TTB. Currently, there are over 3,700 active brewer's notices, a 12% increase since the end of 2012. This averages out to the approval of over 40 applications per month in 2013.

Not only is this a busy time to join the ranks of the brewers, it is also a demanding time at TTB. Due to the backlog created during the government shutdown, many brewers were unable to open their businesses or get new products on the market. We have worked tirelessly to minimize the effect caused by the shutdown and to decrease the impact on industry members. To follow through with our responsibility to protect the public, our TTB Specialists must still analyze each application (or amendment) to ensure that the applicant is eligible to receive approval and has appropriate bonded premises before issuing the notice or the change.

In 2013, we approved over 900 brewer's notices. There are over 100 applications being processed. These are good indicators that 2014 promises to be another busy year both for us and the brewing industry.


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