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February 22, 2013

Greetings!  We hope you are having an invigorating and salutary week. This edition includes information about TTB rulemaking and pending American Viticultural Area petitions.

In the TTB Newsletter, we compile the top TTB news of the week and other helpful information about the Bureau and the Federal alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations we enforce.

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Notices of Proposed Rulemaking

TTB proposes new or amended regulations, and solicits public comment on them, by publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) in the Federal Register, the federal government's daily regulatory and public notice publication.  All of our NPRMs also are posted online within a rulemaking docket at, the federal government's e-rulemaking website. 

Use the links below to view our NPRMs and their related supporting materials, to comment on any open NPRM, and to view the comments received in response to our NPRMs.

List of Pending American Viticultural Areas Now Available now includes a list of pending American viticultural area (AVA) petitions.  These petitions have been accepted as "perfected," meaning they meet our regulatory requirements for a petition to establish or modify an AVA, but we have not yet published a corresponding NPRM in the Federal Register.  Once we publish a proposed rule for a pending petition, they are removed from the list and a complete rulemaking docket for the proposed AVA–including the petition–will be available for public viewing and comment on

View the list of pending AVA petitions