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April 26, 2013

Greetings!  We hope you are having a peaceful and fruitful week!  This edition includes helpful information for Italian wine importers, and guidance regarding how to apply for a permit to operate a TTB-regulated alcohol or tobacco business.

In the TTB Newsletter, we compile the top TTB news of the week and other helpful information about the Bureau and the Federal alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations we enforce.

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Reform of Commercial Agreements in the Agricultural and Food Supply Chain in Italy does not Apply to Products for Export

We received inquiries regarding the application of recent reforms to the agricultural and food supply chain in Italy.  In particular Article 62 of Law 27/2012 (Article 62), which went into effect in late 2012 setting forth new requirements for the supply of agricultural and food products in Italy, raised questions regarding the scope of its application.

We recently confirmed with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policy that the new rules introduced by Article 62 only regulate the domestic supply of goods to be delivered and used in the territory of Italy, not agricultural and food product exports. U.S. importers of Italian alcohol beverages may rest assured that the application of these reforms will not have unintended consequences such as changes in the conditions of sale negotiated between Italian suppliers and U.S. importers.  We anticipate an official statement reinforcing this point from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policy.

Please direct any questions on this matter to TTB's International Trade Division at 202-453-2260 or via email at

Applying for a TTB Permit

Certain alcohol and tobacco businesses must file an application with us and receive approval before engaging in business. Depending on your industry type and the type of business you want to operate, the qualifications and application processing time may vary.

Some business operations are similar in nature or involve similar products. Please carefully review the business descriptions to determine what you need to file.

Once you determine your business type, you may begin the application process through Permits Online - our safe secure system to apply online for a permit. You can submit and track most application types online.

Starting a new business and understanding the application process can be challenging; our interactive tutorial, Getting Started in a TTB-Regulated Industry, provides an easy-to-understand overview of the steps involved in starting a new TTB-regulated business.

If you need assistance applying for a TTB permit, contact our National Revenue Center toll free at 877-882-3277 or via email at