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May 22, 2013 – Special Edition

This special edition of the TTB Newsletter announces the retirement of TTB State Liaison, Frosty Chapman,
founder of the TTB Newsletter

In the TTB Newsletter, we compile the top TTB news of the week and other helpful information about the Bureau and the Federal alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations we enforce.

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cid:image003.jpg@01CD9FE9.497E6930I am not retiring, for after you retire there is only one big event left, so I am taking a break and then will seek life's next great adventure. - Frosty Chapman

Have you ever been advised to have a "wholesome and marvelous" or "dauntless and vital" week?  If you've ever read the weekly edition of the TTB Newsletter, you probably have. Every week Forrest "Frosty" Chapman, TTB's State Liaison and self-described "old cowboy," includes two fun, complimentary words in the newsletter's greeting, highlighting his sense of humor while expressing his best wishes to readers for that week.

However, all gratifying and exceptional things must end, so it is with great sadness that we say farewell to Frosty, who is retiring on May 31, 2013, after many years of dedicated public service in both the federal and state governments.

"I loved my time at TTB and consider everyone there my family," Frosty said. "I thank everyone for having put up with me, and for all the help that I received during my time at TTB. You all made me look better than I ever imagined."

Frosty started his tenure as TTB's State Liaison back in 2003, when then-TTB Administrator Arthur Libertucci appointed Frosty to the newly established liaison position. For the past several years, Frosty has worked under Susan Evans, Executive Liaison for Industry and State Matters, a situation in which a great collaborative relationship and friendship has thrived.

"Frosty is the consummate liaison," Susan said. "He is an expert at creating and sustaining great relationships and has been a wonderful ambassador for TTB particularly with the State ABCs. He is a dedicated and tireless communicator and liaison."

Frosty's positive attitude, along with his experience, has helped shape his career. "Liaising is not a division within TTB," Frosty stated. "It's an attitude we foster and encourage both within and without the walls of TTB."

And Frosty's wit isn't confined to his newsletter greetings. This cowboy has a well-known sense of humor. Long-time friend and colleague Tom Crone, Assistant Administrator, Field Operations, quoted Frosty as saying, "I have never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier of life."

"Typical self-deprecating comment, but so 'Frosty,'" Tom added "I will surely miss him."

Marty Weber, Executive Assistant, Office of the Administrator, who also considers Frosty a friend (and one of her favorite characters!), recently noted, "Frosty has an expression that he uses to sign off on his emails:  "That's all from TTB Headquarters West, beautiful downtown Buzzard's Breath, Nebraska." She said she'd definitely miss him and his funny sayings.

Frosty's legacy with TTB will likely be the TTB Newsletter and the Tobacco News. He started these newsletters because of his own experience as a state regulator who, while interested in what was going on at other agencies, did not have time to visit all the different websites for news updates. He wanted to use the newsletters to push information to State ABC personnel (and any others interested), so they could stay informed about what was going on at TTB, and know who to contact if they had TTB-related questions.

He started with an email distribution list of about 75 people he already knew. The newsletters grew in popularity very quickly, though, and today the TTB Newsletter has more than 14,000 subscribers, and is one of TTB's primary ways of communicating with stakeholders all over the world!

Cat Lambson, Writer-Editor, Knowledge Management Staff, is the TTB Web Team member who has worked with Frosty weekly as editor of the TTB Newsletter. She joked that she, too, has heard her share of what she calls "Frostyisms" over the years. "He recently sent me an updated version of the newsletter," she related, "and wrote 'It's all gussied up and shinier than a ten-penny nail!' Frosty cracks me up on a regular basis."

In his earlier career, Frosty served as the Director of Personnel for the State of Nebraska from 1983 to 1985, after which he became the Executive Director of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, until December 2003. In January of that year Frosty also became the first Executive Director of the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators.

Frosty received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska and currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and two daughters.  In his spare time, Frosty is a talented painter, working in acrylic and colored pencil (one of his very favorite mediums and vastly underrated) which allows him to draw and color at the same time. Frosty says he will continue this creative work in his soon-to-be free time.

Farewell, Frosty, we will miss you and all of your colorful witticism and infinite optimism. We wish you a gratifying and fruitful retirement, but we'll be listening for those jangling spurs once again in the near future.

If you would like to send Frosty your best wishes for his retirement, you can send them to him via email (