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TTB Newsletter for August 9, 2013

Greetings! We hope you are having a fantastic and flourishing week! This week's top stories include information about our frequently requested listings and our new "Thinking About Starting a Business" page at, and a list of this week's most popular tutorials and job aids.

In the TTB Newsletter, we compile the top TTB news of the week and other helpful information about the Bureau and the Federal alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations we enforce.

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As part of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we are required to make available to the public records that are requested and released on a frequent basis. With that in mind, we publish a list of alcohol industry members who hold permits under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act. These permits allow production, bottling, importation, or distribution of beverage alcohol products.

The Internal Revenue Code (Section 6103) protects taxpayer records from public disclosure, so we don't publish lists of brewers, industrial alcohol producers and users, and tobacco permit holders, or any other protected information concerning these types of businesses, at


Starting a business is a significant decision that involves planning, financing, and licensing and other legal activities. You may ask yourself these significant questions: What type of business? What business structure is advantageous to my venture? What makes an effective business plan? Where will the financing come from? What licenses, permits, and registrations are required by my state government? By the federal government?

Our new Thinking About Starting a Business page at outlines six steps that can help get you on your way.

Other resources you may find useful include our Industry Startup Tutorial, which outlines the steps for starting a TTB-regulated business, or if you are ready to start a business and only need to know about tax and license filing requirements, see our information about Permits and Applications.


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