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January 30, 2015


Greetings! We hope you had a riveting and persevering week! This week's top stories include information about the 2014 results of TTB's Alcohol Beverage Sampling Program, a call for comments on six recently published information collections, and a list of the past week's top TTB Learning Center pages at TTB.gov/.


TTB's mission to protect the public includes ensuring that labels on alcohol beverages contain adequate descriptive information and are not likely to mislead consumers. We created the Alcohol Beverage Sampling Program (ABSP), which includes a random survey of products in the marketplace, to help us identify any existing compliance issues and evaluate our success in meeting this mission.

2014 ABSP Results

Each year we conduct the ABSP by purchasing products from the marketplace and bringing them to our offices for label assessments to determine if products are in compliance with our labeling regulations. Following the label assessments, we send the products to our laboratories to undergo a series of analyses to determine the accuracy of certain information displayed on the product labels. We post the ABSP results and findings on our Alcohol Beverage Sampling Program home page at TTB.gov/.

New TTB Proofing Video Series for Distilled Spirits Industry

The results of our sampling program over the past few years indicate that proofing and gauging for distilled spirits is a problem area for some of our industry members. Because the excise tax for distilled spirits is based on alcohol content, proper gauging of distilled spirits is a vital factor in proper tax determination.

To help address this issue, we offer our TTB Proofing Video Series available on TTB.gov/'s Distilled Spirits - Frequently Used Proofing Processes page. These instructional videos guide industry members, step by step, through several frequently used proofing procedures. The videos include close-ups of techniques and processes, and explain why it is important to correctly follow all of the steps involved in proofing spirits.


We are accepting comments through March 23, 2015, on the extension or revision of six existing TTB information collections (forms, recordkeeping requirements, and surveys), as explained in Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 50), published in the January 20, 2015 Federal Register.

To view this information collection notice and related forms, go to Docket No. TTB-2015-0001 at Regulations.gov/.  We have also published a direct link to that docket on our TTB.gov/ Commenting on a Form and Information Collection Notices pages.  If you would like to submit a comment electronically, use the Regulations.gov/ comment form for this notice.  To submit comments by postal mail or hand delivery, see the instructions in the notice.

In this notice, TTB is requesting comments on the following information collections:

  • OMB No. 1513–0007, Brewer's Report of Operations (TTB F 5130.9) and Quarterly Brewer's Report of Operations (TTB F 5130.26);
  • OMB No. 1513–0008, Application and Permit to Ship Liquors and Articles of Puerto Rican Manufacture Taxpaid to the United States (TTB F 5170.7);
  • OMB No. 1513–0037, Withdraw of Spirits, Specially Denatured Spirits, or Wines for Exportation (TTB F 5100.11);
  • OMB No. 1513–0040, Application for Operating Permit Under 26 U.S.C. 5171(d) (TTB F 5110.25);
  • OMB No. 1513–0042, Drawback on Distilled Spirits Exported (TTB F 51130.30); and
  • OMB No. 1513–0043, Application and Permit to Ship Puerto Rican Spirits to the United States Without Payment of Tax (TTB F 5110.31).

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