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April 3, 2015


Greetings! We hope you had a rejuvenating and blossoming week! This week's top stories include information about TTB's annual reports and voluntary disclosure program, plus a list of the past week's top alcohol advertising pages at TTB.gov/.


TTB publishes an annual report to communicate relevant performance and financial information regarding its programs and operations to its customers and stakeholders.

The TTB Annual Report highlights our program accomplishments for the fiscal year (October 1 - September 30) and offers a comparative look at our actual performance versus our target levels as set out in our annual performance budget. The report also provides financial information on the Bureau operations for that fiscal year. This combination of the Bureau's program performance and financial information in a single document lends accountability and transparency to how TTB uses its funding to return value to American taxpayers.

You may access TTB's most recent annual report (Fiscal Year 2014) and annual reports from prior years on TTB.gov/.


A voluntary disclosure is when an industry member initiates disclosures of non-compliance with TTB laws and regulations as well as any irregularities they find in their operations that are potential violations of law or regulations. These disclosures are distinct from disclosures that are required by law or regulation, such as required submissions of reports of operations or formulas for alcohol beverages.

We encourage the regulated community to voluntarily disclose violations upon discovery. Voluntary disclosures will mitigate what actions we take, if any, in response to violations. Industry members should make voluntary disclosures as soon as possible after they discover any non-compliance with the law, such as tax deficiencies, labeling or advertising violations, or other irregularities.

Industry members should direct written voluntary disclosures to:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
Field Operations (Attn: Voluntary Disclosure)
1310 G Street NW, Box 12
Washington, DC 20005

To learn more about TTB's voluntary disclosure program, see TTB Industry Circular 2004-5.

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