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June 26, 2015


Greetings! We hope you had a salubrious and flowery week! This week's top stories include information about the latest version of Formulas Online, the Paperwork Reduction Act, and a list of the past week's top Beverage Formulation pages at TTB.gov/.


On Thursday, June 18, 2015, we released Formulas Online version 1.6, which includes updates that were made in response to requests from industry members to increase the usability of the system.  If you haven't tried using Formulas Online lately, check it out!  Or if you’ve only been uploading a paper copy of your formula, take some time to learn how use Formulas Online as it is designed to be used by entering your formula data in the appropriate tabs.  Doing this benefits both you and TTB and can reduce the chance of your formula being sent back for correction.

Take a look at some of the highlights of release 1.6, some of which apply to both beverage and nonbeverage formula filers:

  • Formula and Process for Domestic and Imported Alcohol Beverages (Uniform) allows Ingredient with Zero-Quantity!
    You may now enter a quantity of zero for any Uniform ingredient in the Formula tab (previously, this value had to be greater than zero).  This change facilitates entering required ingredient information in the appropriate tabs instead of uploading a scanned copy of your formula.   
  • My Submissions Home Page Changes
    Several changes and enhancements have been made to the My Submissions page.  Most notably, you now only see formula submissions that are still open.  We made this change in response to requests to de-clutter this page.  To view closed submissions, click on the Advanced Search button on the top right of your Formulas Online home page.

    In addition, you may now do the following on the My Submissions page:

    • Enter filter criteria in the Filter field to immediately filter the contents. 
    • Select the PrintView button to display a printable view, allowing you to use your web browser’s print function to print the data. 
    • Select the Excel or PDF button to export the contents into a Microsoft Excel file or an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
  • Tab Content Indicator
    If you have content in the Comments tab or Docs/Links tab of your submission, Formulas Online now displays an asterisk (*) next to the tab to indicate it includes content.

For information about additional Formulas Online enhancements, see the Version 1.6 Release Notice: What's New in Formulas Online 1.6 (Industry Members).

Contact Us

  • Please contact the TTB Help Desk at TTB.Helpdesk@ttb.gov/ if you experience technical issues. 
  • Please contact ALFD at Submit an Online Inquiry for general questions or concerns about beverage formulas and submissions.
  • Please contact NPL at Submit Inquiry for general questions or concerns about nonbeverage formulas and submissions.


Paperwork Reduction Act

The goal of the Paperwork Reduction Act is to reduce the amount of paperwork handled by federal agencies, businesses, and citizens.

The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 provides the statutory framework for the Federal Government's collection, use, and dissemination of information.  Among other things, the Act requires that every three years federal agencies seek public comment on their proposed and existing "information collections"—in other words, their forms, recordkeeping requirements, questionnaires, surveys, and the like—and submit all information collections to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, for review and approval.

As part of the information collection approval process, we solicit public comments on our forms, recordkeeping requirements, and other information collections by periodically publishing information collection notices in the Federal Register.

We post these published information collection notices at TTB.gov/ on the Commenting on a Form and Information Collection Notices pages, and we accept public comments on them at Regulations.gov/. You also have the option to submit written comments via U.S. mail or hand delivery, as described in each notice.  However, we no longer accept comments on information collections via email or fax.

You may sign up to receive email updates about TTB forms and the publication of information collection notices. We appreciate your feedback on our information collections, and we will consider your comments as we revise our forms and other information collection products.

  • Learn more about the Paperwork Reduction Act and OMB's information collection review process at Reginfo.gov/.

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