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September 4, 2015


Greetings! We hope you had an inventive and energetic week! This week's top stories include announcements about three of our online applications, three TTB information collections, and a list of the past week's top alcohol advertising pages at TTB.gov/.


On Wednesday, September 2, 2015, we released Permits Online Version 4.2, which includes enhancements in functionality and interface including Internet browser compatibility.

You may now submit applications in Permits Online through all the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari (compatible with version 6.0 or higher)
  • Google Chrome (compatible with version 42.0 or higher)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (compatible with version 8 or higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox (compatible with version 39.0 or higher)

In addition, you may now submit applications in Permits Online using a Mac computer.

For information about additional Permits Online enhancements, see the Version 4.2 Release Notice: What’s New in Permits Online 4.2 (Industry Members).

Contact Us

  • Please contact the TTB Help Desk at TTB.Helpdesk@ttb.gov/ if you experience technical issues. 
  • Please contact the Permits Online Help Desk toll free at 877-882-3277 or Permits.Online@ttb.gov/ for general questions or concerns.


When you attempt to change or reset your existing password, a security code will be automatically sent to your TTB-registered email account.  You must use this security code in order to authenticate your identity, and complete the password change process.

As part of this change, please ensure now that you have a valid and current email address in your user profile.  If you do not have a valid email address, you will no longer be able to reset your user password.

Please take the following steps to validate or update your email address:

  • Log into the system (COLAs Online and/or Formulas Online)
  • Click on “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner
  • Verify and confirm that your current email address is valid.  If it’s invalid or out of date, simply change your email address by entering in your updated email address within the “E-mail Address” field
  • Click “Save”

Note: In some cases, multiple user accounts are tied to a single company email address.  If this applies to you, we strongly urge you to change your profile email address to your individual company email address.  Not only is this a best practice, but it is ultimately a more secure and safe option to protect you and your company’s information.

For additional information about the updated password change process please see: Password Change Utility Quick Reference Guide.


We are accepting comments through October 26, 2015, on the extension or revision of three existing TTB information collections (forms, recordkeeping requirements, and surveys), as explained in Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 55), published in the August 27, 2015, edition of the Federal Register.

To view this information collection notice and related forms, go to Docket No. TTB-2015-0001 at Regulations.gov/. We also have published a direct link to that docket on our TTB.gov/ Commenting on a Form and Information Collection Notices pages.

In this notice, we are requesting comments on the following information collections:

  • OMB No. 1513–0004, Authorization to Furnish Financial Information and Certificate of Compliance (TTB F 5030.6);
  • OMB No. 1513–0089, Liquors and Articles from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (TTB REC 5530/3); and
  • OMB No. 1513–0131, Certificate of Taxpaid Alcohol (TTB F 5100.4).

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