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September 2, 2016


Greetings! We hope you had a bright and shiny week! This week's top stories include a final rule on industrial alcohol that will reduce the number of formulas that need to be filed for denatured spirits, a preview of the changes that will be included when we update Formulas Online this fall, a reminder about using the most current versions of TTB paper forms, and a list of the past week's top beer pages at TTB.gov/.


On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, we published a final rule, T.D. TTB-140, in the Federal Register, amending TTB’s regulations concerning denatured spirits—distilled spirits to which materials have been added to render the spirits unfit for beverage use—and articles made with denatured spirits.

The amendments remove unnecessary regulatory burdens on the industrial alcohol industry and TTB, and align the regulations with current industry practices.  Specifically, the amendments authorize several new general-use formulas for manufacturing articles with specially denatured spirits, reclassify some specially denatured spirits formulas as completely denatured alcohol formulas, and eliminate outdated specially denatured spirits formulas from the regulations. The amendments also make other improvements, clarifications, minor technical changes, and corrections to TTB’s industrial alcohol regulations.

As a result of these amendments, TTB estimates that there will be an 80 percent reduction in the formula approval submissions currently required from industry members that manufacture articles containing denatured spirits.  This final rule will be effective on October 31, 2016.

You may view the relevant rulemaking documents within Docket No. TTB-2013-0005 at the Regulations.gov/ website.  A link to that docket is available on our website at TTB.gov/.

Read the related press release.


We are excited to announce that Formulas Online version 2.2 will be released in the early fall.  We have made a number of improvements based directly on the feedback we received during this year’s usability study sessions and from your interactions with TTB staff.

The improvements for this release are designed to make it quicker and easier for you to complete your beverage formula submissions and to provide more clarity regarding the type of information TTB needs in order to successfully process your submissions.

Here are a few noteworthy changes to the beverage submissions that you will find in this upcoming release.  We have:

  • Redesigned the Formula tab to make it faster and easier to enter ingredients.
  • Included descriptions of each product type and links to the CFR to help ensure you’ve selected the proper class/type for your beverage.
  • Added extensive help guidance and examples to better answer your questions as you enter your ingredients. 
  • Added a new category for your color ingredients, which includes a drop down box with all the color additives that have been FDA-approved for use in alcohol beverages.
  • Added prompts to alert you when additional documentation (e.g. FID or spec sheets) is required for certain ingredients.
  • Added an “Additional Information” field so you can provide more information about specific ingredients to the TTB formula specialists.
  • Made it easier to enter both fixed values and ranges for your ingredient quantities.
  • Included a product-specific checklist to aid you in making sure your submission is complete before you submit it.
  • Added an (optional) section on the Needs Correction tab for you to make remarks about how you have addressed TTB concerns when submissions are returned to you for correction.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see that apply to both beverage and nonbeverage submissions:

  • We’ve improved the way the form flows.  With the new release, you will see that navigation buttons now lead you sequentially through the tabs, from left to right.  We’ve also moved the Submit button to the last tab.
  • An asterisk (*) will now appear on the Needs Correction tab to indicate that TTB has requested that you make some changes to your submission before it can be processed. 

Stay tuned to the TTB newsletter for news about the release date of Formulas Online 2.2! 


If you file hard copies of any TTB forms, please make sure you always use the current version of the form, which you can find on the TTB Forms page at TTB.gov/. We may return any form not submitted on a current approved form, which may delay processing.

How can you tell at a glance if you are using the current version? In the bottom left corner of all TTB forms, you'll find the form number as well as a date.  The form number and date must match the current version posted on the TTB Forms page. If the form that you are using does not match the current version on the TTB Forms page, then discard the old version and print or download the current version of the form.

TTB F 5000.24 (04/2012)

We encourage you to check the TTB Forms page frequently to check for updated versions of TTB forms. You can bookmark the pages of your most frequently used forms so that you always have the latest version.

This information applies to paper versions of forms only, not to electronic versions of forms filed online through Permits Online, COLAs Online, Formulas Online, or Pay.gov/.


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