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February 17, 2017


Greetings! This week's top news announces two new cider-related presentations available at TTB.gov/, and a request for comments on seven existing TTB information collections.


We periodically participate in industry conferences and seminars to provide training or relevant TTB-related information, and we often post our conference and seminar presentations at our TTB Presentations page for everyone's benefit.

We've recently added two new cider-related presentations to our TTB Presentations page:


On Tuesday, February 14, 2017, we published in the Federal Register a notice requesting public comments on seven existing TTB information collections (forms and recordkeeping requirements). These information collections are:

  • F 5000.19, Tax Information Authorization (OMB No. 1513–0001);
  • F 5000.21, Referral of Information (OMB No. 1513–0003);
  • F 5110.28, Monthly Report of Processing Operations (OMB No. 1513–0041);
  • F 5110.74, Application for an Alcohol Fuel Producer Under 26 U.S.C. 5181 (OMB No. 1513–0051);
  • REC 5130/5, Principal Place of Business on Beer Labels (OMB No. 1513–0085);
  • F 5300.26, Federal Firearms and Ammunition Quarterly Excise Tax Return (OMB No. 1513–0094); and
  • F 5300.28, Application for Registration for Tax-free Transactions Under 26 U.S.C. 4221.

As explained in the notice, we are proposing to revise F 5300.26, Federal Firearms and Ammunition Quarterly Excise Tax Return, to clarify certain data fields and instructions to improve the accuracy of the information reported and capture the data necessary for TTB to more accurately verify tax liability. We also propose to update the form's instructions to remove obsolete language and improve clarity, make other format, grammatical, and typographic corrections, and, to support future automation efforts, to add a bar code to each page of the form to allow for scanning by optical character recognition (OCR) software. No changes are proposed to the other forms noted above.

To view all documents related to this comment request, a copy of the proposed revised F 5300.26, and any comments received in response to this notice, go to Docket No. TTB–2017–0003 at Regulations.gov/. To submit a comment electronically, use the Regulations.gov/ comment form for this notice. To submit comments by postal mail or hand delivery, see the instructions in the notice.

Comments are due by April 17, 2017.


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