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November 3, 2017


Greetings! This week's top news includes coming attractions for Permits Online, and the TTB distilled spirits proofing video series.


We've been working very hard behind the scenes to make Permits Online, our electronic permitting system, work better for new and experienced users.

We plan to launch a number of improvements later this year. Here's two changes you'll see after implementation:

Wizards and Application Packages

We're adding easy to use wizards that help you to identify, fill out, and submit a package of the applications you need in order to obtain or update your TTB permits, registrations, or notices.

The New Applications Wizard and the Amendment Wizard guide you by asking a series of questions, and depending on your answers create an application package, which is a list of the applications you're required to submit.

An application package may consist of only one application or many applications based on what you've indicated you want to do. You then access those applications directly from the wizard, and the wizard keeps track of whether or not you've completed each one.

Once you've completed and reviewed all the applications you submit the entire package to TTB with a single click.

Entity Records and Commodity Operations Records

Information in Permits Online will be organized in two different kinds of records; business entity records and commodity operations records. The entity record equates to a single company or business entity, represented by a unique Employer Identification Number (EIN). A commodity operations record is created for each TTB-regulated activity or permit, registration, or notice the entity is approved for. Each entity record will have at least one, but may have multiple commodity operations records associated with it.

Once this change is made to Permits Online, if you need to file an amendment related to the business entity, you'll only file one application instead of having to file one for each TTB permit, registration, or notice held by that company.

And don't worry, the restructuring of existing records will be done behind the scenes as part of the implementation of the new version – you won't have to do anything to gain these benefits.


We'll be highlighting more Permits Online coming attractions in future editions of the TTB Newsletter.


Distilled spirits plant proprietors are required to determine taxes owed on spirits removed from their bonded premises. To do this, proprietors will need to "gauge" the spirits, that is, determine the quantity and proof of the spirits.

If you are a distilled spirits plant proprietor, it is important that you know how to proof your spirits correctly.  We've created a series of four short videos to help you with proofing.

Whether you are new to the distilled spirits industry, or want to refine your process, these short, instructional videos will guide you, step-by-step, through several frequently used proofing procedures. The videos include close-ups of techniques and processes, and explain why it is important to correctly follow all of the steps involved in proofing spirits.

Visit the proofing videos page.


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