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We have made changes to the regulations and our Permits Online system to make applying for federal approval a completely electronic process.

Those applying for federal authorization to start a business in the alcohol, tobacco, or firearms and ammunition industry are no longer required to submit original documentation for bond forms and power of attorney forms. We will accept these forms, along with all other required documentation, through a completely automated process within the Permits Online system. Previously, you were required to send us paper copies of these forms, which could prolong the application approval process. With these changes, you can send us your applications electronically, eliminating the need to mail in paper forms.

For All Commodity Applications

TTB F 5000.8 Power of Attorney

TTB F 5000.18 Consent of Surety

TTB F 5100.1 Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials

For Distilled Spirits Plant and Medium and Large Alcohol Fuel Plants Applications

TTB F 5110.56 Distilled Spirits Bond

For Bonded Winery Applications

TTB F 5120.36 Wine Bond

For Brewery Applications

TTB F 5130.22 Brewer's Bond

TTB F 5130.23 Brewer's Bond Continuance Certificate

TTB F 5130.25 Brewer's Collateral Bond

TTB F 5130.27 Brewer's Collateral Bond Continuation

For Tobacco Applications

TTB F 5200.25 Tobacco Bond – Collateral

TTB F 5200.26 Tobacco Bond – Surety

TTB F 5200.29 Tobacco Bond


Page last reviewed/updated: 08/01/2014

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