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Page Layout

sdfThe sub-sites design is based on a grid system in which the center content well is surrounded by supplementary navigation. The following graphics give an overview of how to approach the different areas of the grid.

In addition to documenting the spacing between the major elements of the page, the following graphics identify which areas of the page are fixed and which areas offer customization. All pages of your sub-site should adhere to the basic grid system detailed here. The grid is designed to focus the end user's attention on the primary area of flux: the center content well. The surrounding navigation areas support and guide the user throughout your sub-site.

Page Layout

Oval: 1.

TTB.Gov Branding: The upper portion of the header containing the TTB.Govlogo search field and accessibility/privacy links.

Oval: 2.

Top Navigation Bar: This element provides links to popular content site-wide via dropdown menus.

Oval: 3.

TTB Spotlight: TTB stories in a rotating Flash presentation..

Oval: 4.

Commodity Buttons: These link to the associated commodity home pages.

Oval: 5.

Secondary Tabs: This tabbed structure provides one-click access to the most popular contents per category..

Oval: 6.

Announcements: time-sensitive announcements are displayed here.

Oval: 7.

Online Applications: These provide access to the various online applications.

Oval: 8.

TTB.gov Highlights: rotating Flash element that defines and provides access.

Oval: 9.

Initiatives/Treasury: provides access to TTB initiative information and Treasury social media sources.


Page last reviewed/updated: 04/02/2013