Labeling: Mandatory Labeling Information

Brand Labels: Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of the wine may be shown on any label affixed to the container.  It must be expressed as a percentage of alcohol by volume. “Table Wine” may be used in lieu of showing specific alcohol content, but only for wine between 7 and up to 14% alcohol by volume.  The same is NOT true for dessert wine.  Dessert wine always requires a statement of alcohol content.

Alcohol content may be shown as a range.  The range can be no more than 3% for table wine and no more than 2% for dessert wine.  At no time can that range cross into another tax class.  For example, a range of 11 – 14% is acceptable, but a range of 13 – 15% is not acceptable since you have crossed from table wine into dessert wine.

Abbreviations can be used – ALC. for alcohol and VOL. for volume.

Graphic of a sample wine bottle labeling displaying 13.5% as alcohol content.
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