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Part of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's (TTB) mission is to protect the public. This section educates you on how our regulations and laws protect consumers and how you can report suspicious activities. Additionally, we partner with other Federal agencies in creating and enforcing laws to promote industry compliance.

  • Alcohol Labeling and Advertising
    The FAA Act sets forth standards for regulating the labeling and advertising of alcohol products.
  • Filing a Complaint
    As a consumer you have a right and responsibility to report a product that you suspect may be contaminated or unsafe for consumption.

  • Reporting Illegal Activities
    TTB investigates the suspected diversion of alcohol and tobacco products, cigarette papers or tubes outside the legal distribution chain.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse and Prevention
    TTB does not regulate beverage alcohol sales or establish the legal drinking age.  Those laws and regulations are written and enforced by State regulators and local law enforcement agencies. We provide links to resources on these issues.
  • TTB's Responsibilities 
    TTB protects the public by enforcing the provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) to ensure that only qualified persons engage in the alcohol beverage industry.
  • Consumer Safety and Product Testing
    TTB laboratories assure that product integrity is not compromised and that prohibited ingredients are not contained in alcohol or tobacco products.

  • Health Warning Statements
    Congress requires that warning labels "inform and remind the American public of the health hazards that may result from the consumption or abuse of alcoholic beverages."
  • Importing Alcohol for Personal Use 
    When a person imports beverage alcohol products into the United States on a one-time basis for personal use, an importer's basic permit is not required, nor is it necessary to obtain a COLA. However, ALL federal, state, and local taxes must be paid, and other state, local, or CBP requirements may apply.
  • Environmental Issues
    TTB collects information from alcohol and tobacco producers about the environmental impact of their operations. 
  • Bioterrorism Act of 2002 
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued regulations to protect the Nation's food (including beverage alcohol products) and drug supplies against bioterrorism and food-borne illness.



To report suspicious activities, contact our Fraud, Diversion, and Illegal Activity Tip Line.

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