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Beer Statistics

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TTB derives its Beer Statistics from industry data submitted on the Brewer's Report of Operations (TTB F 5130.9) and the Quarterly Brewer's Report of Operations (TTB F 5130.26).
These operational reports are due on or before the 15th day of the month after the end of the filing period.  The Monthly Statistics and the Quarterly State Statistics are generated approximately 45 days after the due date.  End-of-year statistical releases (November and December) are generated approximately 60 days after the December filing due date.  
Amended data for a prior period is notated with "Revised" next to the file name to provide the most current information.

Aggregated Data

NOTE: Aggregated data is under review for compliance purposes and not available at this time.

Number of Brewers by Production Size

National Monthly Beer Statistics

Beer National Report Excel 
Beer Yearly Data CSV 
Beer Monthly Data CSV 
Beer Data JSON

2012-2024 Updated 4/23/2024
Data current through Feb 2024

Quarterly (Calendar Year) State Statistics



For more information on statistical data, contact the TTB National Revenue Center (NRC) toll-free at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS or online. Visit our NRC Contacts page for a complete listing of NRC's contact information.

Last updated: May 7, 2024
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