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The latest news, events, and features about how the federal alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations we enforce affect industry and consumers.These are our communications directed at members of the news media announcing important change in policy or regulation, or enforcement action taken by TTB.Our weekly electronic newsletter contains the top TTB news of the week and other helpful information.  It is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news from all of TTB!We take adverse actions to administratively resolve 
willful violations of alcohol 
and tobacco laws.
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If you are a member of the media, please contact our Office of Congressional and Public Affairs using our Congressional and Public Affairs Contact Form.

Direct correspondence to:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
Director, Congressional and Public Affairs
1310 G Street, NW, Box 12
Washington, DC 20005

If you are a member of the public and have general questions, contact us online or by phone at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS. For specific topics see our Contact Us page.


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