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Beverage Alcohol – TTB Regulated Industry

At TTB, we protect the public by enforcing the provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) to ensure that only qualified persons engage in the alcohol beverage industry. Certain alcohol businesses, including those listed below, must file an application with and receive approval from TTB before engaging in business.

Getting Help

Need help getting started?  Have questions about qualifying or about TTB’s approval process? See the information below.

Qualify as an Industry Member
Learn the steps for qualifying as an industry member and how to apply for approval to operate an alcohol-related business.
Business Central 
Resources for getting started and keeping you on course to a successful business venture.
TTB Learning Center  
Get online training and assistance.
Alcohol Frequently Asked Questions 
Top questions and answers relating to the beer, wine, and distilled spirits industries.


Questions? If you have general questions about the TTB-regulated industries, please contact the National Revenue Center using the Contact Us form or at 877-882-3277. Visit our NRC Contacts page for a complete listing of NRC's contact information.

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