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Wondering how to get started as a wholesaler or importer of beverage alcohol or need to get a wholesaler's basic permit? Visit our industry startup guide: Getting Started in a TTB-Regulated Industry. Have a permit and looking for next steps? See our industry compliance guide: Maintaining Compliance in a TTB-Regulated Business.   

Key Wholesaler/Importer/Exporter Topics


Laws, Regulations, and Public Guidance

Links to the CFRs, laws and industry circulars relating to wholesalers and importers.


Applying for a Permit

To purchase and sell alcohol at wholesale, or import alcohol beverages, you must obtain a basic permit. Apply online!

Exporting Alcohol Beverages

Requirements for exporting including Certificate Program.

U.S. Requirements for Importing Alcohol Beverages

Requirements that must be met to import alcohol beverages into the U.S.


Importing Alcohol for Personal Use

What you need to know for importing for personal use.

Filing Import Data with CBP Electronically

ACE offers importers a simplified process for submitting import data and interacting with CBP and partner government agencies.


Certificate of Age and Origin Requirements for Imported Alcohol Beverages

Information on age and origin certification requirements for wines and distilled spirits imported into the United States.


Certification Requirements for Imported Wine

Certification requirements regarding production practices and procedures for imported natural wine.


Requirements for Importers/Exporters or Wholesalers

How to maintain compliance for those who have a permit to import, export, or wholesale beverage alcohol.


Retention of COLAs by Alcohol Wholesalers

TTB guidance for retention of COLAs by alcohol wholesalers.

indexProhibited and Restricted Items for Import  



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