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Starting and maintaining a new business is a significant decision that involves planning, financing, licensing, and other legal activities.  We hope that you will use these resources to get you and keep you on course for a successful business venture.

indexQualify With TTB

Learn what you need to do to become an approved industry member. This includes gathering required documents and other information before applying.

Apply for Permit and/or Registration

indexApply Online

Our TTB Online tools allow you to apply for permit, label, or formula approval, online with TTB... for free!

Permits Online | Formulas Online | COLAs Online

indexStart a Business

Starting a business is a significant decision that involves planning, financing, licensing, and other activities. We've outlined a few steps to get you on your way.

indexFind Forms

Let us make things easier for you with these quick tips and helpful hints for completing forms and reporting required information.

indexGet Training

Our TTB Learning Center offers training resources for TTB Online, drawback, common compliance issues, alcohol proofing, wine operations, and more.

indexStay Compliant

You're in business, so what's next? This section highlights the requirements you need to meet to maintain compliance with TTB laws and regulations.

indexApply for Label Approval

Once you have a permit to operate, use COLAs Online to apply for labeling approval.

indexData & Statistics Approval

Find statistics and data about industry production and operations, TTB tax collections, processing times for online applications, and requests for information.

Filing and Paying Excise Taxes

Get online help, schedule of due dates, and tax rates.

See Seek Disaster Relief for information, conditions on claims, and where to file claims for businesses affected by disaster.

indexSearch Labeling Information

Explore the public side of labeling by using the COLA Public Registry to access approved, expired, surrendered, or revoked COLAs.

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We also have resource pages with commodity specific information:


Questions? Contact the National Revenue Center (NRC) regarding permits, filing, or taxes using the NRC online form or at 877-882-3277. For questions about label approval, contact the Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division (ALFD) using ALFD online form or at 866-927-2533. For a complete list of TTB contact information see our Contact Us page.

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