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Tax Audit Division

Director, Tax Audit Division

Allen Leftwich


TTB's Tax Audit Division (TAD) was created in 2001 and announced to the regulated industries by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in its November 2001 Alcohol and Tobacco Newsletter. TAD is comprised of auditors to ensure the proper payment of excise taxes and compliance with laws and regulations in a manner that protects the revenue and prevents unlawful activity in the commodities that we regulate.

What We Do

TAD is staffed by professional auditors who came to TTB with different backgrounds, including auditors from federal and state government agencies and individuals from outside government. Audits are completed using an agreed-upon set of policies and procedures. A full-scope audit includes the examination of many areas of a taxpayer's records including general ledgers, inventory and production systems, and automated data processing as they relate to compliance with federal laws and regulations. TTB auditors also examine internal controls as they relate to the preparation of operating reports and tax returns.

TAD Resources


For more information about taxes, contact us at or toll free at 877-882-3277, or use our Contact Us form. You may also leave a message at 202-453-2272 (voice).

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