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Industrial NonBeverage Alcohol - TTB Regulated Industry

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While many people may associate the word "alcohol" with beverages, alcohol has many other scientific, medical, and industrial uses.

Wondering how to get started in the industrial alcohol industry? Visit our industry startup guide: Getting Started in TTB-Regulated Industry. Already have approval to operate and looking for next steps? See our industry compliance guide: Maintaining Compliance in a TTB-Regulated Business.

For information about beverage alcohol products including beer, wine, and distilled spirits, see our Beverage Alcohol page.


Key Industrial Alcohol Topics

Tax Free Alcohol

Laws and regulations, industry circulars and rulings, and industry guidance

Regulations, Laws, and Public Guidance

Links to Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and relevant sections

More information on Formula Approval

Formula Approval

Nonbeverage Products Laboratory frequently asked questions

More information on Permits


Information for alcohol producers and manufacturers. You can apply online!

Denatured Alcohol

Information about both specially and completely denatured alcohol

Alcohol Fuel

Legal information and authorized materials for rendering spirits unfit for beverage use

Top Questions about Industrial Alcohol

How Do I...?

Apply for a PermitMaintain Compliance in a TTB-Regulated Industry
Determine and Pay TaxesSubmit a Product Sample
Purchase a Security for a Collateral Bond 


Questions?  If you have questions about permits, applications, bonds, claims, etc., you may contact the National Revenue Center online or at 877-882-3277.  For more information see industrial alcohol contacts. If you're having technical issues with our online applications contact the TTB Help Desk or see the TTB Online Help Center.

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