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TTB Procedures are available to help you learn more about the methods, processes, and other means that the Bureau uses to determine whether a member of the public is in compliance with a law, regulation, or policy that the Bureau administers.

  • 2023-1 Transfer of Beer Between Breweries Not of the Same Ownership
  • 2020-1 Testing of calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content of alcohol beverages; Acceptable tolerance levels
  • 2018-2 Voluntary Chemist Certification Program for the Analysis of Wine, Distilled Spirits, and Beer for Export
  • 2018-1 Transfer of Beer Between Breweries Not of the Same Ownership (Note: superseded by Procedure 2023-1
  • 2014-1Testing of Chewing Tobacco and Snuff Products
  • 2011-1 Payment of Tax by Electronic Fund Transfer
  • 2009-1 Procedure for Certain Tobacco Products and Cigarette Papers and Tubes Withdrawn from the Market
  • 2004-1 Testing of Calorie, Fat, Carbohydrate, and Protein Content of Alcohol Beverages; Acceptable Tolerance Levels. (NOTE: superseded by TTB Procedure 2020-1)
  • 98-3 Importation of Bulk Wine in Bond (note: previously reported as 98-1)
  • 98-2 Importation of Bulk Beer in Bond
  • 98-1 Labeling of Imported Malt Beverages Bottled or Packed in the United States, and for the Labeling of Blends of Imported and Domestic Malt Beverages Bottled or Packed in the United States (note: previously reported as 98-3)
  • 95-1 New Materials To Be Used in the Production of Beer or Cereal Beverages
  • 87-4 Tax Classification of Chewing Tobacco or Snuff (note: superseded by TTB Procedure 2014-1)
  • 86-3 Label Approval for Imported Liqueurs, Cordials, Flavored Spirits and Distilled Gins
  • 80-5 Procedures for Tax Exempt Sales of Tobacco Products by Proprietors of Export Warehouses to Persons Crossing the United States Border into Canada or Mexico
  • 76-3 Manufacture and Use of Plastic Containers
  • 75-1 Removal of Tax-Exempt Tobacco Products for Use as Supplies on U.S. Navy Ships
  • 74-1 Reciprocal Privileges for Iceland and Jordan
  • 71-5 Tobacco Products Sold to Aircraft Passengers
  • 69-27 Receiving Incomplete Shipments of Tobacco Products
  • 68-34 Determining Losses of Distilled Spirits
  • 67-18 Withdrawal of Tobacco Products From Market
  • 66-25 Markings on packages of tobacco product
  • 66-23 Recording and Reporting Cigars and Cigarettes Removed Subject to Tax
  • 66-22 Preparation and Distribution of Form 2149 Covering Replacement Shipments of Cigars and Cigarettes
  • 66-21 Markings on Packages of Cigars
  • 66-20 Claims for Cigars and Cigarettes Withdrawn From the Market



If you are interested in obtaining a copy of guidance that TTB has determined to be superseded, canceled, or obsolete and has been removed from TTB.gov, you may submit a request through TTB’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) program. See Removed Public Guidance Documents for more information.












































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