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The regulations administered by TTB are contained in Chapter I, of Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations. (27 CFR chapter 1.) Each title of the CFR is divided into "parts," which cover a particular subject, and each part is further divided into "sections." You may search, view, and print each 27 CFR chapter I part, or a single section of a part, in the official version of 27 CFR chapter 1 which is updated yearly, or in the online version of the e-CFR which is updated daily.

Alcohol Regulations

  • Part 1 Basic Permit Requirements under the FAA Act
  • Part 4 Labeling and Advertising of Wine
  • Part 5 Labeling and Advertising of Distilled Spirits
  • Part 6 Tied House
  • Part 7 Labeling and Advertising of Malt Beverages
  • Part 8 Exclusive Outlets
  • Part 9 Approved American Viticultural Areas
  • Part 10 Commercial Bribery
  • Part 11 Consignment Sales
  • Part 12 Foreign Nongeneric Names of Geographical Significance Use in the Designation of Wine
  • Part 13 Labeling Proceedings
  • Part 16 Alcoholic Beverage Health Warning Statement
  • Part 17 Drawback on Taxpaid Distilled Spirits Used in Manufacturing Nonbeverage Products
  • Part 18 Production of Volatile Fruit-Flavor Concentrate
  • Part 19 Distilled Spirits Plants
  • Part 20 Distribution and Use of Denatured Alcohol and Rum
  • Part 21 Formulas for Denatured Alcohol and Rum
  • Part 22 Distribution and Use of Tax-free Alcohol
  • Part 24 Wine
  • Part 25 Beer
  • Part 26 Liquors and Products from Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
  • Part 27 Importation of Distilled Spirits, Wines and Beer
  • Part 28 Exportation of Alcohol
  • Part 29 Stills and Miscellaneous Regulations
  • Part 30 Gauging Manual
  • Part 31 Alcohol Beverage Dealers

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Tobacco Regulations

  • Part 40 Manufacture of Tobacco Products, Cigarette Papers and Tubes, and Processed Tobacco
  • Part 41 Importation of Tobacco Products, Cigarette Papers and Tubes, and Processed Tobacco
  • Part 44 Exportation of Tobacco Products and Cigarette Papers and Tubes , without Payment of Tax, or with Drawback of Tax
  • Part 45 Removal of Tobacco Products and Cigarette Papers and Tubes, without Payment of Tax for use in the United States
  • Part 46 Miscellaneous Regulations Relating to Tobacco Products and Cigarette Papers and Tubes

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Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax Regulations

  • Part 53 Manufacturers Excise Taxes -- Firearms and Ammunition

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Procedure and Practice Regulations

  • Part 70, Procedure and Administration
  • Part 71, Rules of Practice in Permit Proceedings
  • Part 72, Disposition of Seized Personal Property
  • Part 73, Electronic Signatures; Electronic Submission of Forms

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Other Regulations

These regulations, although developed and implemented by other Federal agencies, help support TTB's mission of protecting the public and collecting the revenue.

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Last reviewed: April 3, 2020
Last updated: September 21, 2021
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