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General Business
These online tools help you better understand operations.

TTB Online Reference Guides
Get help navigating our online applications.

Tax Compliance
Interactive tutorial helps you avoid common tax issues.

Video Series 
Helpful videos on distilled spirits proofing, using Permits Online, and federal trade practice rules.

TTB Presentations
Download TTB presentations.

General Business Operations Training and Outreach

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TTB Online Reference Guides and Tutorials

  • Permits Online Help Center 
    Guidance, videos, and tools to help you get the most out of Permits Online.

  • TTB Online Help Center 
    Technical support and tips for troubleshooting some common issues with the TTB Online applications

  • COLAs Online User Manual 
    Provides information on how to operate the COLAs Online system for authenticated users. The COLAs Online system allows for the submission and tracking of Applications for and Certification/Exemption of Bottle/Label Approval via TTB F 5100.31. 

  • Formulas Online Reference Guide
    Guide especially for submitters of electronic alcohol beverage formula applications

  • Permits Online Tutorial
    Learn how to apply for a permit online

  • Learn About Pay.gov
    System for processing and electronically filing federal excise taxes

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Common Compliance Issues Series

  • Common Compliance Issues in a TTB Brewery Audit Tutorial - Under Review
  • Common Compliance and Tax Issues in a TTB Distilled Spirits Plant - Under Review
  • Common Compliance Issues in a TTB Bonded Wine Premises (BWP) Audit - Under Review

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Video Series

  • TTB Boot Camp Webinar Series
    If you aren’t able to join one of our live Boot Camp webinars, don’t worry! After each webinar, we post video recordings of each session and downloadable versions of presentation slides.
  • CBMA Video Series 
    This series includes overviews of CBMA import provisions and the Foreign Producer Registration System available at myTTB.
  • TTB Trade Practices Video Series
    This video series explains the history leading up to the trade practice rules, defines the related terms, and walks through the four prohibited trade practices.

  • Distilled Spirits - Frequently Used Proofing Processes
  • This video series guides you through the steps for proofing distilled spirits. These short instructional videos explain the techniques and processes involved in proofing spirits.

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