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myTTB Entity Managers


Importers must activate their entity in myTTB before they can file Craft Beverage Modernization Act (CBMA) refund claims. In order to grant importers access to myTTB, TTB relies on information in Permits Online, particularly the Key Contact information for the business entity. This Key Contact information must be accurate and up-to-date or you may experience delays in obtaining access to the CBMA importer refund claims system and, ultimately, your ability to submit a claim.

Note: If you are a Foreign Producer, you do not have to activate an entity. Please see the Foreign Producer User Guide.


Entity Managers and User Management in myTTB

When an entity is activated, the Key Contact(s) for the entity in Permits Online are invited to become myTTB Entity Managers.  After the Key Contact(s) accept an invitation to become an Entity Manager, they can: view sensitive information about your entity, add/remove users, provide access to myTTB modules and permits, and designate additional myTTB Entity Managers that do not have Key Contact status in Permits Online, at their discretion, by granting them power of attorney electronically.


Warning: Granting entity manager access to someone will allow that person to view sensitive information about your entity, add and remove users including other Entity Managers, and add and remove users to access myTTB services on behalf of an entity. Proceed with caution before adding an Entity Manager to your entity.


Entity Managers can add or modify their own permissions or permissions of other users for the entity at any time from the Manage Permissions table.

Adding Additional Users and Assigning Their Permissions

Entity Managers can add users to myTTB by granting them power of attorney electronically.

To add users, go to Entity Management by selecting the Manage Entity button from the myTTB Dashboard and select Add User.

When adding users, Entity Managers must assign permissions to each user by selecting specific myTTB modules (such as the CBMA Importer Claims Module) and permits they should have access to. Entity Managers must also assign a role (such as “preparer” or “submitter”) to each user for a given permit and module.

Entity Managers can modify permissions of other users in the entity at any time from the Manage Permissions table in Entity Management.


What Roles are Available for the CBMA Importer Claims Module?

Preparers can view CBMA tax benefit assignments for the specified permit(s), view import data filed through U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Automated Commercial Environment and assemble refund claims for a Submitter. Preparers cannot submit claims to TTB.

Submitters can do anything a Preparer can do, as well as enter banking information for refunds, submit prepared refund claims to TTB, and return assignments to Foreign Producers. To submit a refund claim to TTB, your entity must have at least one Submitter.




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