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Trade Investigations Division

Director, Trade Investigations Division

Robert Angelo


The Trade Investigations Division (TID) is comprised of investigators who ensure industry compliance with the laws and regulations TTB administers.

What We Do

This division provides assistance and advice about the provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, the Internal Revenue Code, and all related regulations to TTB employees, other federal and state agencies, members of the alcohol and tobacco industries, and the public.

TID investigators:

  • Ensure only qualified applicants are granted permits to engage in the production and distribution of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Investigate allegations of trade practice violations in the marketplace.
  • Examine Certificates of Label Approvals (COLAs) to deter unauthorized usage.
  • Promote voluntary compliance with the laws and regulations enforced by TTB.
  • Prevent misleading labeling and advertising of alcohol beverages.
  • Insure public safety by responding to credible information suggesting a health-related contamination or adulteration of an alcohol product.
  • Conduct investigations of suspected alcohol or tobacco tax evasion.

Market Compliance Office:

  • Ensure that alcohol beverage advertisements comply with the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act and regulations.
  • Monitor alcohol beverages in the marketplace for compliance through the alcohol beverage sampling program.
  • Monitor and respond to product safety issues involving adulterated or contaminated alcohol beverages, or other mislabeling issues involving alcohol beverages, and ensure these products do not enter or are removed from the U.S. marketplace
  • Respond to consumer complaints regarding alcohol beverage products in conjunction with TTB's Scientific Services Division.
  • Assist Field investigators in their investigation of Federal Alcohol Administration Act investigations.
  • Receive and respond to industry member questions and assess complaints concerning unlawful trade practices in conjunction with TID investigators.

TID Resources


For questions, or to reach our District Offices, view our TID Contact Information page.

Please direct correspondence to:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau 
Director, Trade Investigations Division 
1310 G Street, NW, Box 12 
Washington, DC 20005


Last updated: April 5, 2024