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James Ebert
Deputy Assistant Administrator
Office of Permitting and Taxation

As Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Permitting and Taxation, James Ebert oversees the Application Services Division, leveraging his 36 years of field experience to expand and sharpen TTB’s permit application program and ensure a level playing field while maintaining continued focus upon the timely processing of permits.

A federal employee since 1986, Mr. Ebert has contributed to successful Treasury Department efforts throughout his career. Mr. Ebert joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in 1987 and then migrated to TTB in 2007. In a detail with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Mr. Ebert managed the operations of the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, the main collection point of all IRS tax payments as well as Pay.Gov. As a National Response Team leader from the TTB program’s launch in 2012, Mr. Ebert has organized and participated in 90 separate investigations of tax fraud and evasion in the alcohol and tobacco manufacturing and export industries that have identified over $264,000,000 in tax liability. In 2017, Mr. Ebert became the Assistant Director of the Office of Special Operations, a new unit created for investigating violations of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act’s trade practice provisions. In less than a year under Mr. Ebert’s leadership, the office had opened 54 active investigations and closed 23 cases with adverse action recommended, including a case with a $5,000,000 settlement – the largest FAA-related settlement in TTB history. In his last position before joining the Office of Permitting and Taxation in April 2022, Mr. Ebert served as Senior Advisor in the Office of the Administrator, where he established the Cross Directorate Workforce Engagement Program to facilitate investigations involving application and tax issues.

Last updated: January 7, 2023