Manufacturer of Nonbeverage Products (MNBP)

If you want to use taxpaid alcohol to manufacture perfume, medicines, medicinal preparations, food products, flavoring, or flavoring extracts and file drawback claims for all but $1 per proof gallon of the excise taxes paid on the spirits used in the manufacturing process, select this information packet.

You can contact the National Revenue Center at 1-877-882-3277 or, if you have any questions.



Guidance on Claiming Drawback on Taxpaid Distilled Spirits Used in Manufacturing Nonbeverage Products


Vendor Express pamphlet and guide


TTB F 5000.8

Power of Attorney

TTB F 5100.1

Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials

TTB F 5154.1

Formula and Process for Nonbeverage Product

TTB F 5154.2

Supporting Data for Nonbeverage Drawback Claims

TTB F 5154.3

Bond for Drawback

TTB F 5620.8

Claim - Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes

TTB F 5630.5

Special Tax Registration and Return

SF 3881

ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form


Application for Employer Identification Number

SS-4 Instructions

Application for Employer Identification Number Instructions

SS4 (Puerto Rico)


SS4 (Puerto Rico) Instructions


Industry Circular 96-4


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