Due Date Reminder for Brewery Alternating Proprietors

This notice is a reminder to all brewery alternating proprietors that you must resubmit certain documents to TTB's National Revenue Center by August 31, 2006 in order to continue operations as an approved alternator. The requirement for these resubmissions can be found in TTB Industry Circular 2005-2, Alternating Proprietors at Brewery Premises, issued on August 12, 2005. You can click here to view this document.

On September 1, 2006, we will rescind all approved applications of alternate method allowing breweries to vary from the regulations that were approved for brewery alternating proprietorships prior to August 12, 2005. Alternating tenant breweries that fail to timely submit the required documentation by August 31, 2006 will not have approval to conduct brewing operations. Alternating host breweries that fail to timely submit the required documentation by August 31, 2006 will not be allowed to use their brewery premise to alternate with any tenant breweries. Timely resubmissions will be considered those postmarked prior to September 1, 2006.

In order to continue brewing alternating operations, a brewery must submit the following:

  • New applications for alternate method to allow for operations to be conducted as brewery alternating proprietorships (both tenants and hosts)
  • New brewing alternating proprietorship agreement which is in compliance with the provisions provided in the industry circular (tenants only)
  • A business plan as described in the industry circular (tenants only)

Brewery alternating proprietors that do submit timely will be authorized to continue operations as an alternator in accordance with the guidelines of the industry circular, the provisions of which must be reflected in their resubmitted alternate method applications and alternating agreement, until such time that final action is taken on their application packages.

TTB plans to send field personnel out to verify and confirm that operations are being conducted in accordance with the resubmissions prior to final action being taken.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Matt, Brewery Applications Group Supervisor, at 1-877-882-3277 or (513) 684-6382.



Page last reviewed/updated: 01/22/2015